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Folder Events

Past events:

Type Title Location
Event [08/08/2005 - 13/08/2005] IUFRO World Congress in 2005: Forests in the Balance Brisbane, Australia
Event [21/06/2004 - 24/06/2004] The 20th General Meeting "Land use systems in grassland dominated regions" Luzern, Switzerland, Culture and Convention Centre Luzern
Event [25/05/2004 - 27/05/2004] STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE ON BIODIVERSITY AND THE EU - Sustaining Life –Sustaining Livelihoods. Conference 25-27 May 2004 in Malahide, Ireland, under the Irish Presidency Malahide, Ireland
Event [26/04/2004 - 28/04/2004] BaltCoast 2004- Managing the Baltic Sea Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany
Event [01/04/2004 - 03/04/2004] 1st European Networks Conference on Sustainability in Practice Berlin
Event [19/01/2004] Re-coupling Farmers, the Environment and Society. Challenges for an Enlarged Europe Berlin, Germany
Event [03/12/2003 - 06/12/2003] International Workshop¨on Capacity-Building for Biodiversity in Central and Eastern Europe Isle of Vilm
Event [13/11/2003 - 15/11/2003] International Conference on Habitat Fragmentation due to Transport Infrastructure & Presentation of the results of the COST action 341 "Conscience building" of the Flanders Authority
Event [12/11/2003 - 15/11/2003] Monitoring and indicators of forest biodiversity in Europe - from ideas to operationality Florence, Italy
Event [12/11/2003 - 14/11/2003] Global Conference on Oceans, Coasts, and Islands UNESCO, Paris
Event [10/11/2003 - 12/11/2003] Southern European Coastal Lagoons: Castello Estense, Ferrara, Italy
Event [07/11/2003 - 08/11/2003] Accession and Agriculture - stakeholder conference on impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Krakow, Poland
Event [05/11/2003 - 06/11/2003] Greenhouse Technologies & The Market - Horticulture and Floriculture 2003 Amsterdam RAI
Event [27/10/2003 - 30/10/2003] 30th Pacem in Maribus.A Year after Johannesburg. Ocean Governance and Sustainable Development. Ocean and Coasts - a Glimpse into the Future. Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Science
Event [21/10/2003] Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Management International Congress Silvopastoralism and Sustainable Management International Congress, Lugo, Spain
Event [10/10/2003 - 11/10/2003] Workshop on forest certification and biodiversity Valmiera, Latvia
Event [30/09/2003 - 03/10/2003] Landscape Ecology - an international integrating tool in environmental issues Castle of Mojmírovce, Nitra, Slovak Republic
Event [08/09/2003 - 17/09/2003] The Vth World Congress on Protected Areas Durban, South Africa
Event [19/08/2003 - 22/08/2003] Biodiversity databases; change and challenge
Event [17/06/2003 - 20/06/2003] 4th European Congress on Regional Geoscientific Cartography and Information Systems Palazzo dei Congressi, Bologna
Event [02/06/2003 - 05/06/2003] GREEN WEEK 2003, Brussels 2 - 5 June - Changing our behaviour Brussels
Event [01/06/2003 - 30/06/2003] Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe Vienna, Austria
Event [21/05/2003 - 23/05/2003] Kiev Conference - The fifth ministerial conference 'Environment for Europe' Kiev, Ukraine
Event [21/05/2003 - 23/05/2003] Fifth UNECE 'Environment for Europe' ministerial conference Kyiv, Ukraine
Event [28/11/2002 - 29/11/2002] Promoting the Social and Economic Benefits of Natura 2000 Brussels, Belgium
Event [21/11/2002 - 22/11/2002] Climate Policy for the Longer Term Chatham House
Event [03/11/2002 - 15/11/2002] 12th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES Santiago de Chile, Chile
Event [21/10/2002 - 23/10/2002] EURO ENVIRONMENT 2002 conference Business and Sustainable Performance Aalborg, Denmark
Event [13/10/2002 - 18/10/2002] THE ROLE OF WETLANDS IN BIOSPHERE RESERVES Mikulov Chateau, Pálava Biosphere Reserve, South Moravia, Czech Republic
Event [29/09/2002 - 04/10/2002] 5th International Congress on Education in Botanic Gardens Sydney, Australia
Event [27/09/2002 - 29/09/2002] Seminar to Focus on Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region Mamaia, Romania
Event [11/07/2002 - 12/07/2002] Ad-Hoc Technical Expert Group on Mariculture Rome, Italy (Tentative)
Event [28/06/2002 - 29/06/2002] Environmental Governance Conference in Spain on 28-29 June 2002 AUDITORIUM AND CONGRESS CENTER Sala B
Event [26/06/2002 - 28/06/2002] 4th International Consultation on Mountain Forests in 2002: Lessons learned, Soceital Challenges, and a Vision Beyond 2002 Pyreness, Spain
Event [12/06/2002 - 15/06/2002] Protecting Nature on Private Land. International workshop in Finland 12-15 June 2002 Lahti, Finland
Event [22/05/2002] International Biodiversity Day - Symposium : what future for biodiversity in Belgium? Brussels
Event [19/05/2002 - 22/05/2002] World Ecotourism Summit Quebec, Quebec, Canada
Event [10/04/2002] Green Week 15 - 19 April 2002 in Brussels. Conference and Exhibition
Event [10/04/2002] Biodiversity indicators and monitoring side event at CBD/COP6 The Hague, The Netherlands
Event [08/04/2002 - 26/04/2002] Sixth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-6) The Hague, Netherlands
Event [08/04/2002 - 26/04/2002] First Meeting of the Parties to the Cartegena Protocol on Biodiversity (MOP1) The Hague, Netherlands (Tentative)
Event [08/04/2002] CBD Sixth Conference of the Parties The Hague, The Netherlands
Event [08/04/2002 - 26/04/2001] 6th COP of the Biodiversity Convention in the Hague The Hague , Netherlands
Event [18/03/2002 - 22/03/2002] UN International Conference on Financing for Development Monterrey, Mexico
Event [04/03/2002 - 15/03/2002] Second Meeting of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF2) San Jose, Costa Rica
Event [14/02/2002 - 16/02/2002] First Session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP1) of the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Areas (ACCOMBAMS) Principaute de Monaco, France
Event [11/02/2002 - 12/02/2002] Technical Expert Group on Dryland Biodiversity Montreal, Canada (Tentative)
Event [10/12/2001 - 12/12/2001] European Workshop Climate Protection and Conservation of Biodiversity - How to solve possible conflicts and find win-win solutions Isle of Vilm, Germany
Event [05/12/2001] GEF NGO Consultation Washington D.C., United States
Event [03/12/2001 - 07/12/2001] International Conference on Freshwater Bonn, Germany
Event [29/11/2001 - 02/12/2001] Wetlands International in a Changing World Wageningen, Netherlands
Event [21/11/2001 - 23/11/2001] Fourth Global Meeting of Regional Seaas Convnetions and Action Plans Montreal, Canada
Event [18/11/2001 - 20/11/2001] Predicting Biodiversity in European Landscapes: Mapping, Patterns, Indicators, Monitoring Vienna, Austria
Event [08/11/2001 - 10/11/2001] Managing Biodiversity in Agricultural Ecosystems Montreal, Canada
Event [05/11/2001 - 11/11/2001] Biodiversity Knowledge Management Forum Sydney, Australia
Event [22/10/2001 - 26/10/2001] Technical Expert Group on Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Leigh, New Zealand
Event [11/10/2001 - 14/10/2001] Expert Meeting on Biodiversity, Education and Public Awareness: Towards Global Communities of Practice Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands
Event [10/10/2001 - 12/10/2001] Workshop on Incentive Measures Montreal, Canada
Event [28/09/2001 - 29/09/2001] Pan-European Workshop on Building the CHM Partnership - Scientific and Technical Cooperation Bonn
Event [27/09/2001] EC CHM Task Force Bonn
Event [27/09/2001] Coordination among Main International Activities Related to Biodiversity Clearing Houses and Similar Information Provision Projects in Europe Bonn
Event [10/06/2001 - 12/06/2001] Biodiversity of Water and Forest - Science in support of the Ecosystem Approach Sigtuna, Sweden
Event [11/01/2001] EC CHM expert meeting Brussels, Belgium