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News Arhus convention to enter into force

Source EC CHM Team
Release date 13/08/2001
Contributor Ulla Pinborg

The pan-European Århus convention on access to information, public participation in decision making and access to justice on environmental issues will take effect on 30 October after Armenia became the 16th country to ratify the instrument. The development was announced by UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE), which brokered agreement on the instrument in 1998 (ED 25/06/98 <a href=""></a>).<br><br> Only two EU countries - Denmark and Italy - have so far ratified, though preparations are being made by others, as well as the EU as a whole (ED 29/01/01 <a href=""></a>).<br><br> See press release <a href=""></a>. <p> Environment Daily 1042

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