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News Assessing Environmental Risks of European Agriculture

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Source European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC)
Release date 19/10/2001
Contributor freeman

The European Commission signed a major contract with the European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC) to undertake the biggest ECNC project sofar on assessing environmental risks from agriculture in Europe. The project "Environmental Risk Assessment for European Agriculture" (ENRISK) aims to test environmental indicators that can be used to measure the risk for environmental damage through agriculture. This 3-year contract for ECNC amounts to 650,000 euro, provided by the EC's Fifth Framework Programme and involves a consortium of ten organisations in six EU countries.

The project will provide useful tools of benefit for further greening the EU Common Agricultural Policy. It also contributes to other EU activities in the field of sustainable agriculture and supports Agenda 2000 and its agricultural components, and will provide input into the work of the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy. The ENRISK project will particularly focus on agricultural impacts in the field of biodiversity, landscapes, pesticide use, soil erosion and eutrophication.

The project will result in a methodological and operational concept for assessing risks of European Agriculture, 5 risk zone maps, case studies, workshops, publications and a web page.

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