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News Biodiversity research in the EU 6th framework programme 2002-2006

Source Martin Sharman
Release date 01/02/2002
Contributor saarenmaa

Commission launches proposal for biodiversity research in the EU 6th Framework programme 2002-2006: Dear Colleague, The Commission adopted its proposal for the Specific Programme yesterday. The document (COM(2002) 43 final) contains the following text on biodiversity research: "Biodiversity and ecosystems: the objectives are to develop a better understanding of marine and terrestrial biodiversity and of ecosystem functioning, understand and minimise the impacts of human activities on them and ensure sustainable management of natural resources and terrestrial and marine ecosystems and the protection of genetic resources. Research will focus on: assessing and forecasting changes in biodiversity, structure, function and dynamics of ecosystems and their services; with emphasis on marine ecosystems' functioning; relationships between society, economy, biodiversity and habitats; integrated assessment of drivers affecting ecosystems' functioning and biodiversity, and mitigation options; risk assessment, management, conservation and rehabilitation options in relation to terrestrial and marine ecosystems." This document will now go before the European Parliament for a first reading, from where it will go to the Council of Ministers for a debate. Either or both institutions may modify it as they wish. Cordially, Dr Martin Sharman European Commission Research DG DI-2 Biodiversity and Global change email:

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