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News Commission promotes synergies between research and regional policy

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Source EU Press Room
Release date 19/10/2001
Contributor freeman

At the initiative of Commissioners Philippe Busquin, responsible for research and Michel Barnier, responsible for regional policy and institutional reform, the European Commission has just adopted a strategy paper on the regional dimension of the European Research Area. The paper is designed to incite local and regional authorities, especially those from the least developed regions, to benefit from the new possibilities offered by the European Research Area, and to provide new perspectives to the EU's research and regional policies alike. The ever faster pace of globalisation and technological progress have given rise to a number of questions such as how to use the dynamics of regional initiatives for the advancement of science and innovation, how to use the potential of research and innovation to integrate regions in the emerging knowledge-based economy and how can Europe's regions best contribute to the creation of the European Research Area? The proposed strategy addresses those issues and aims at a better integration of research and regional policies.
Following adoption of the paper by the College Commissioner Busquin said: "This document wants to add a new element to our efforts of stimulating research operators at every level with the ultimate goal of creating a European Research Area.

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