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News DG Environment publishes Management Plan 2001-2002

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Source Environment - What's New (EC Environment Web Site)
Release date 06/09/2001
Contributor freeman

14 May 2001: DG Environment has published a "Management Plan 2001-2002", which includes the Environment DG Mission Statement: * To maintain and improve the quality of life through a high level of protection of our natural resources, effective risk assessment and management and the timely implementation of Community legislation. * To foster resource-efficiency in production, consumption and waste-disposal measures. * To integrate environmental concerns into other EU policy areas. * To promote growth in the EU that takes account of the economic, social and environmental needs both of our citizens and of future generations. * To address the global challenges facing us notably combating climate change and the international conservation of bio-diversity. * To ensure that all policies and measures in the above areas are based on a multi-sectoral approach, involve all stakeholders in the process and are communicated in an effective way The Report also includes: Major Challenges; Strengths and Weaknesses; DG Environment Organigramme; Work Programme by Directorate; Summary Overview of Units contributions to the priority areas of the 6th EAP; Break-down of Human Resources by priority areas of the 6th EAP; Human Resources; Budget 2001/2002; Workload Indicators; and DG Environment Top Publications (and how to order) "Full details":

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