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News Development in the Baltic Sea Region towards the Baltic 21 goals for sustainable development

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Source UNEP/GRID-Arendal: Baltic 21 Secretariat
Release date 06/09/2001
Contributor freeman

20 June 2001: The Baltic Sea Region is the first region in the world to adopt common regional goals for sustainable development. These goals include an overall goal, goals for each of the seven Baltic 21 sectors and a goal for spatial planning. In order to monitor the development in the Baltic Sea Region, a set of core indicators has been elaborated for each goal*, and statistics compiled. Here you will find the Baltic 21 goals, the selected core indicators and the compiled statistics presented in graphs and tables. You also find the first Baltic 21 Biennial Report - Baltic 21 Series No 1/2000 (in PDF format) - presenting the progress in implementing the Baltic 21 Action Program and an assessment of the development in the Baltic Sea Region in relation to the Baltic 21 Goals. "Baltic 21":

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