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Story BIODIVERSITY AND THE EU - Sustaining Life - Sustaining Livelihoods. Stakeholder conference in May 2004 in Malahide, under the Irish EU Presidency

The Irish EU Presidency is calling stakeholders to a conference on biodiversity and the European Union. It will be a key event in a critical policy review process on biodiversity and the European Union, presenting the opportunity to re-orient EU policy in time to meet the 2010 targets to halting the loss of biodiversity, which were agreed by Heads of State and Government at Gothenburg (2001) and Johannesburg (WSSD, 2002). The Conference will be formative in defining the EU's response to the 2010 biodiversity targets. Information can be found at the Irish Presidency web site:,418,13&list_id=193 Participants are expected to include senior officials from Member States (including the ten new Member States) and neighbouring countries, environmental and developmental NGOs, industry (e.g. farming and fishing industries) and academia, as well as the media. The conference will take place from 25 - 27 May. More information: see also below.
Release date 08/04/2004
Contributor Ulla Pinborg
Concerned URL,418,13&list_id=193