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Story Danish timber procurement policy expands to all kinds of timber - a new 9-point-plan sets out actions to improve guidance and support implementation

On 6.February 2006 Danish Environment Minister Connie Hedegaard launched a new 9-point-plan for timber procurement in Denmark. With this plan the Danish timber procurement policy will expand to all kinds of timber. Also, a number of follow-up actions will be undertaken in order to improve the present guidance and support implementation of the procurements policy in both central and local governments.

The new 9-point-plan follows a thorough evaluation of the Danish guidelines on public procurement of tropical timber, which was launched in June 2003. The evaluation was carried out from September 2005 to January 2006. Its purpose was to examine impacts as well as identify scope for change and improvements.

The aim of the timber procurement policy is to promote and encourage sustainable forest management. Denmark considers such user measures, focussing on all key criteria for sustainable forest management, as an important contribution also to achieving the CBD 2010 target.

More information about the Danish guidelines, the evaluation and the new 9-poin-plan may be found at


Release date 24/03/2006
Contributor Ulla Pinborg
Geographical coverage Denmark
Keywords timber procurement guidelines sustainable forest management
Concerned URL
Source Danish Forest and Nature Agency, Christian Lundmark Jensen